Stephen Nelson

 Nostradamus Had a Dream
 Xerox Empire
Quantum Pendulum
Stars Fell, The World Awoke
The Great Fear
Prison Letters
The Moon Casts a Spell on the Mountain
Anneka's Bonsai
Untitled for Spencer Selby

Bill Keith

stacked poem
salute to mars
language gears II
variation on X & Z 2
homage to inca artists
fragments 1
fragments 2

mara patricia hernandez


lluvia [intrĂ­n]seca

Spencer Selby

selections from malleable cast

Doug Beube

pocket book

Brian Dettmer 

core 6

Timothy Eli


Sarah Firmin

a difficult book to read

Irini Gonou

veuve du vernay

Andrew Hayes


Guy Laramee


Vito Capone


Aram Res

Bin Qullander

magnify the eye

following blood

crack the blue

Nja Mahdaoui

Calligram on Parchment II
Indian ink and gold on parchment – 110×85 cm – 2005

Midoun I
Mixed media on linen canvas – 150x150cm – 2002/07

Midoun III     
Mixed media on linen canvas – 150x150cm – 2002/07

Royal Reception Pavilion of the King Abdulaziz International Airport
Golden brass mural sculpture  – Jeddah, Saudi Arabia – 1981

Vittore Baroni

THOUGHTS (under the skin)

Guillermo Deisler

Fernando Aguiar

three from the HOWL series